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I looked it up and Texas is funny. First, if you fail to pay child support, they can revoke drive's license. My DD hasn't had one in years! The other thing is she and her DH can be arrested. My BIL never paid child support and his wife was vindictive and he never served a day of jail time.

Many custodial parents have to raise their children with no support from the parents while the parent that is supposed to be pay child support takes the child for visitation cannot pay child support, but is able to take his/her children to Disney World, by the child gifts, and so on, while the hard working parent is stuck working 2 jobs so the children can eat. That hard working parent is the bad, mean parent because she/he cannot afford the luxuries the other parent can and that parent is usually maxed out emotionally, financially, and physically, doing the work of 2 parents.

I am finding myself in that situation. The parents show up for visitation with candy (after both children have had surgery on their teeth due to neglect), toys, Cokes, and so on. They get to be fun and interactive with the children each visit while I have to supervise and make sure the parents aren't high and accidentally injure the children or say anything inappropriate to them. This next 2 visitations should prove interesting since the last Sunday visit, the parents were unable to get a ride for visitation. They do not have a vehicle. All their friends have left them and this summer, they made 2 new friends. I doubt they will be there for the long run either. The other grandma showed up to the Hearing with the parents and an attorney for the parents. I am assuming she paid for him since the parents cannot afford him. But, that's just an assumption. When the parents couldn't come to visitation, I asked about the other grandma since the parents swore under oath that she would give them rides to see their children or loan them her car. However, DD said she had an excuse why she couldn't loan them her car and she stated she was too tired. It is possible that the other grandma never said she would help them.

It is interesting how the various states handle child support. I wish Texas was stricter. I am not making a big deal out of child support except at the trial, if I don't get it as I haven't expected it. The parents swore they could handle $550 per month. I doubt parents who together work 2 1/2 minimum wage jobs can pay that amount in addition to apartment, cell phone, and food. But, we'll see.

My strategy for court is to bring receipts to prove how much daycare costs in addition to other expenses the child cost to demonstrate that the parents do not make enough to support these children. When we went to court and asked for the $550, I stated that wasn't enough to pay daycare. My attorney said as a conservator, I would have to eat some of the costs. I agreed, but my point is that the parents are wanting custody of these children. My claim is that these are NOT my children and therefore, I am not legally responsible for their upkeep. This is NOT like a divorce situation in which the person getting custody also is legally responsible for that child along with the other parent. In my situation, and the law may or may not agree with me, but BOTH parents are 100% responsible for these children. If these parents want these children back with them, they are going to have to prove they can financially, medically, emotionally, and educationally for these children. If they cannot do this 100%, then these kids are partially mine since I am raising them to a great deal emotionally, physically, medically, and educationally. If I share in that responsibility, the parents should not get them back as it is their responsibility.

I had to stop tying because DGS started screaming. He had to be taken to ER a week ago because he said his tooth hurt. The doctor thought it was an ear infection. He has been on antibiotics for a week. The surgeonn said when such a small child has so many fillings and caps from neglect, when the permanent teeth start coming in and it cause those caps can be painful. I want to kill the parents for allowing these children to be so neglected that they'll be suffering for many years!
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