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Originally Posted by ajrsmom

Make sure to document everything!! Make sure to keep records of every payment - or lack of payment, make records of every phone call to child services, with names, dates, numbers and anything else that you can think of. I can't say it enough...document everything!!!
I agree!!! I lost out on a lot of child support for my DD from her father. He jumped around on jobs, wrote me bad checks and had a ton of excuses. He had a lot of nice things, but never had any money when it came to our daugher. Every promise he has made never materialized. I am glad now that DD is 19 can see what he really is.

Getting the back child support monies is a long tedious process...most time you won't see the money. The only way I got money was if I had his pay garnished. No job, no money, but they can face jail time for non payment.
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