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Pa. seems to play favorites when it comes to who they will arrest and take their tax money. My sister has tried for years to get the father of one of her kids to pay child support. The courts told her to find out where he was living and then to let them know. She did that (even though legal advise said it wasn't her job to do this). She told them were he was working at the time, too. They still never made him pay a dime. He's been in jail before for other offenses but never for lack of paying child support. The courts never followed up and never took his tax refunds. He is still living in the town not too far away from her and works some sort of lame job. It's the county that doesn't give a hoot.

Fla. took our tax return when we moved here and we were paid up to the penny with child support! They claimed that our files from Pa. and NC must have gotten lost when they were sent to them. Therefore, it was our word against theres - guess who won.

The whole thing sucks. I would find out how strict they are in your state about paying child support. Here in NC, you will go to jail if you do not pay. I've seen sheriffs show up on people's doorsteps to take people away.

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