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Debora now that their is a court order for child support. If your dd and sil don't pay they could both end up in jail. In PA they put people in jail and send them out on work release during the day. The court gives them a job. In our county it is working for the trash company's. The trucks pick up the people right at the jail and drop them off at the end of the day. Also they can take there tax return away from them for back child support. That usually doesn't happen until they owe alot of money. In PA you can't get a driver's, fish or hunting license if you owe back child support. In PA the have this all on a data base that is kept for all these kinds of license renewals. I have seen lots of people quit there job once the courts find them and start taking child support out of their pay. This is one of the main reasons why they use SS #'s easier to find dead beat parents.

I really don't think your dd and sil have a clue what they are in for. It is a shame they that couldn't get their act together for the sake of their children.

The judges don't put up with liarers and people that play games. Your dd and sil will find out quickly that the court system will not be in there favor when they don't play by the rules.

Debora I really honor you for doing what you are doing. Raising grandchildren isn't easy. You have alot on your plate. Keep up the great job. Remember it is all worth it when you see the big smiles and laughter of those 2 fantastic grandchildren of yours.
Have a wonderful day.

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