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I have no problem bugging my attorney. It is just the few moments I have when I do have access to a cell phone (I work in a prison where they are not allowed) I have more important issues to discuss, like the parents not able to come for visitation. I was just curious about the process. I would really be shocked if the parents pay the child support. The way they manage their money, if it is taken out of their checks like my attorney said, I would not doubt that the parents wouldn't hesitation to quit a job to avoid it or end up getting kicked out of their apartment for non payment of rent. Therefore, I am not getting my hopes up for that. My concern is more about the drug use by the parents during visitation or the promises they make to the children they are unable to keep.

This reason and this reason alone (child support, visitation, and the like) are good reasons people should check out their future spouse and his/her family as well as work hard to make their marriages work. All this is so difficult on the children and all family members who deal with the children.
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