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Charlotte, thanks. I was just curious as to whether or not the parents had to do anything. If they have to fill out paperwork, they won't do it. However, if the court handles everything, then it might get done. I haven't pressed my attorney about that as much as I have other issues because I really do not expect the parents to pay anything. It wasn't until I had the children 5 months and told my DD I was taking her to court that I saw any money. After 7 months, the parents have paid me a total of $280 towards the support of their children. The mother had Medicaid for her children under her name per requirement by CPS. She slipped and told me right before we hired the attorney and admitted she was afraid Medicaid would find out I had the children under my care when she was getting Food Stamps for them. I never saw the Food Stamps for the children. The mother never worked until I told her I had an attorney and was taking her to court as I could not return the children since the parents were on drugs, had no home of their own, and had no vehicle. As soon as I got an attorney, the mother got a minimum wage job. I am not sure how many hours she is working. SIL got a second job. I am not sure how many total hours he is working either. They agreed to pay me together $550 monthly. I asked and received that it be separated independently per parent. That way, if the parents get a divorce, things are already separated.

I guess by February 1st, we'll find out if the parents are paying child support. They were supposed to pay that January 1st. I am not sure how long the process lasts before I actually get the money IF I get the money.

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