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I have been getting child support for over 15yrs. I live in PA. Every state does things a little different. Not sure if temporary courts orders are different then permanent.

We have a child support agreement thru the county that I live. The county sends a letter to his work. That amount is subtracted from his paycheck. The company he works for send the checks to the state support dept. The checks are either direct deposit or put on a visa. I have direct deposit. Which I received a letter from the state and filled it out with my bank info. PA has a website that both my ex and I can look on. It tells you everything you need to know. Child support hearing dates, $ amounts, last time a payment was received and last time payment was paid. I get emails from this site when they put $$ in my bank account and the amount.

If I have questions about anything. I call my county support office and they help me.

Debora not sure what your state does. Maybe you should look up the phone # for the child support office in your area. Ask some questions. Usually they go by SS #'s. You might want to have yours and your dd's # if you have them when you call. I can also use my case # which is on my paperwork. They are usually pretty helpful and it is free.
Have a wonderful day.

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