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How Child Support Works

I got temporary custody of my grandchildren. The court ordered each parent to pay $275 towards child support and medical expenses. My question is do the parents have to fill out paperwork or do anything for that process to start? I am not quite sure what the parents would be required to do, if anything.

So far, the parents are supposed to take drug tests by a certain period of time and provide the court with those results. They are also supposed to pay child support. DD called her daddy and said that she was clean according to her hair follicle drug test. The last time she said she was clean she was using marijuana. Clean to her means not testing positive for opiates. She also thought that the Hearing was the actual trial. My DH told her that was just the pre-trial hearing. So, I wonder if she only got an attorney for the hearing and doesn't know she is supposed to take the drug test results to the court clerk. It doesn't matter to me. She wanted to go to court.

I haven't asked my attorney about how the child support works because I am busy and he is busy and I'd rather catch him for more important matters. However, I am curious as to how is normally works on the parents part in how the get the money taken out of their paychecks. Another reason I haven't worried about it is that I really am not expecting to get it. I will be shocked if I actually get the child support monies.
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