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Hi Train lady
My menu vary. Like you my freezer supply got down to nithing but some corn. So I'm also stocking it back up. So menu is center around special I can find. Like the taco made out of ground turkey this evening. Ate one freeze one. I like to try to try new things too. If I have it on hand I use it. Like change the seasoning but like you till I get the freezer filled back up thats my focus. Also my focus is to have prepare meals in ther this time. Too cut down on time fixing meals.

Homemade mixes are great. I used to fix them alot to before we took over the store. We carry alot of them. But yet I still fix my own waffle and biscuit from scrath.

This was my shopping trip this week.

This Morning I went to Winn Dixie I bought 4 cans of Starkist tuna 5o cent each, Caught Salmon Filletts 2 packs cost me $2.67 and $2.39 saving of $12.70 Total from orginal cost.
8 ears of corn for $1.00
Bottom round roast $6.89 it was $24.29
Alley cat food saved 50 cent $1.99

Total grocery $17.38 saved $31.76

At Ingles
2 2 liter pepsi .99 each
La Costena Black beans & refried black beans 2 for a $1.00 got 4 cans.
Ground turkey 79 cent a lb. I bought 2 packs $1.03 and $1.00
Large can diced tomatoe 99 cent each
pack of pens bic on sale 69 cents
Produce water melon and canalope manager pakage 99 cent each got 3 of them
green onions and radishes 2 bundles for a $1.00 gor 2 bundles of each $2.00.
Cheese bread BOGOF $2.99
crayons 69 cent
4 pack Rol.Alk Double aa batties 99 cent each
Theme note books 70 page 3 / $1.00

Total $24.45 Saving $13.48

I when I got home the beef was 2 pieces one I kept whole the other cut up in to steaks. Slamon will be grilled tonight ot tomarrow, The fruit I peeled and cut up so the kids can help them self. The turkey I made taco meat. 1/2 was ate for luch the other in the freezer,

I got some needed school supplies on sale So $5.oo of the toltal go in mis. expense.

So My Grocery total for July is $136.83

That my grocery shopping today.

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