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Joy, glad all went well with your tests
sorry to hear of how bad Paige knee surgery was. Wishing her get well wishes
When is her finals?

HOpe everyone had a good thanksgiving. I was invited to 3 different places. One with my daughter over to a friend's house. As they wanted to do this for us since she had the fire. Then later the coffee place that John and I always went to, and I still go to, called me up as they wanted me to drop in. They had closed the place to have thanksgiving with their family as well as some customers that only had invitations.
I went up for coffee and dessert only, but after looking at the food, I had to sample a little of some of the food, it was to tempting not to. LOL
then later that day went over to my red hatter friend who is the Queen of our chapter. End up spending some nights over there as well. As Sat we had a get together with the other members for salad and soup, and then a trip to Garden Ridge. I was surprizse to see how much purple and red christmas decoration there was. I bought a few things for my hat.

Fri my stomach was acting up from all the rich food that I over ate. LOL.
but later felt better and went with my dd and gd's to the downtown christmas parade. We were able to get up really close. The kids loved being that close, as they were on the edge of the street.

Thanksgiving was hard on us due to John's death, and then my daughter fire she had.
but we were thankful that we were together and they were safe. We were thankful the bonded btw us is there. The girls loved me being with them as well, and it was a nice touch to be with them.

I'm still planning on moving with them my dd as soon as we find a place to live. We cannot continue to stay here, due to I live in another town where the kids goes to school.
but finding a place has not been a easy chore.
Found one place and the landlord knew her credit was not good, she told him everything against her. I was there and heard everything. He didn't' seem to care, and felt there would be no problem. Then yesterday he informed her the credit score was to low and he couldn't rent to her. So we looked yesterday before I went off to school. So hopefully we can find something soon.

It will just be my dd and gd's and me. She wants me to mostly watch the kids and help her with them, while she works and pay the bills. I will work when I can and togther we shall see how things works out.
If it does, it will be amazing, but we both know we need one another. The girls are super excited that I will be living with them again. For them it a prayer being answered. As they wanted this for a long time. Used to when I was raising them, they wanted to kow why mom and I couldn't just live together. Of course at that time I always told them it wouldn't ever work out. LOL, and now what am I'm doing?
again time will tell.

well I need to go work on some homework, but just wanted to drop in. It been a long time it seems, and I do not get notificants, Of course many of you have had that same problems.
not sure what is wrong.
will check in another time.
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