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Theresa, the glass block is absolutely beautiful! I still havenít seen any glass block decorations around here so I am going to have to look around and see if I have just never noticed. Hope you are able to get some rest. I wish I had half your energy!

Karen, hope you are having a good week. Is your eye better now?

Joy, it was so nice to see your post! You have been missed. I hope Paigeís leg heals quickly and that she isnít in any pain. It must be tough on both of you with her not being able to drive. Sounds like you have been very busy with work and family activities. Hope Dec. is a less hectic month for you. And you are so far ahead of me in the decorating. I havenít even started yet.

Patti, sounds like you have all your decorating done too!

Sandie, canít blame you for not wanting your mom to drive. I hope that if she does go out she doesnít go far. My mom was still driving the year before she died and I remember how scary riding with her was at times so I understand your worry.

Connie, you must be so excited about the move. I do hope there are people who will pitch in to help. You know if all of us FC friends lived closer we would be there to help in a heartbeat.

Felicia, very cool about the new tv. We donít have any flat screen tvs yet but we do have a tv in every room except for the bathroom. I didnít buy all the tvís though Ė one came from my momís house and one was a gift. My dh would love a big flat screen tv too.

Had a good day yesterday with all my dc kids back. I had missed them and apparently they had missed me too according to their parents. Still catching up on chores around the house. It is never ending. Havenít even started decorating for Christmas yet. It doesnít really feel Christmasy here yet with no snow and the warmer temps we have been having but today it is much colder. I need to start my Christmas shopping too. Having a hard time trying to figure out what to get everyone this year. Hope everyone is having a great morning.

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