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It seems like forever since I last posted on the Friendship thread. It has also been a busy time here.
Since my last post back in November I have had both my Mammogram and Colonoscopy--Fun, Fun. Everything went well and no problems.
The Sunday before Thanksgiving I hosted my side of the family for an early Thanksgiving meal.
The following Tuesday, Paige had knee surgery. What was suppose to be a simple scope, repair and back to school this week turned out to be a lot more involved. The tear was much worse than expected and she came out of surgery with a brace from her hip to her ankle and no weight bearing on that leg for 6 weeks. She is now learning to manuver on crutches. She still has two weeks of classes left before finals. Luckily much of what she needs to do can be done online from home, but I may have take a day off work and drive her to school to take some tests (did I mention it is her right leg and she can't drive right now either).
Thanksgiving day we had "Christmas" on Dh's side of the family.
I am actually hoping December is a bit quieter than November turned out to be.
I do have my decorating done. Paige got the tree up before her surgery and I finished the rest over the weekend. I kept reminding myself while I was decorating that I had to put this all away again and cut back on a few things. It still looks very festive.

I need to go back and read everything I have missed the past couple of weeks. I hope everyone is well and having a great day.