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Mrs Maniac I am SO proud of and for you! WOW that is an incredible accomplishment on the weight loss alone. HOW are you doing it? I need so badly to lose--had lost 42 pounds at one time then suffered a set back and have not been able to find the motivation or will since. (I gained all plus some back). Please do share if you can. My health is definitely dependent on losing--I'm a diet controlled diabetic.

As for the attitude change bravo again! I am so completely hormonal since entering menopause that I can go from smiling to screaming in 0.0 seconds. My poor dh was the victim recently. We had been talking and relaxing, discussing smoenthing I don't even recall now. It wasn't an unpleasant subject though so it wasn't what set me off. We got up to start dinner (I do recall we were grilling hotdogs) and he casually mentioned that there were open bags of chips in the cabinet to please not open more. I went nuts! I knew they were getting stale but he didn't. I also knew that the bags contained mostly crumbs. Instead of pointing this out I just grabbed the bags and threw the crumbs in a bowl and crisped them in the microwave, all the while saying "You want crumbs we'll HAVE crumbs!". My poor husband came back into the house from the grill and said "WHAT is your problem?!" I let him have it over the "forced" eating of stale crumbs.
I know this is hormonal so I hope my family can stand me until I get through this. I can't stand myself most of the time though! :p

I have decided that I am going to set mini-goals for my weight loss. My first goal is to lose enough that my face doesn't look so "doughy" the only term I can find to describe it. It doesn't look like this when looking straight into a mirro (those thigs are such liars! ) but when I catch a glimpse of my face in a car side mirror there is no denying it.

Once again--bravo and congratulations! You are an inspiration.

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