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Well since you asked, lol I feel yukky! I didnt think the heat would matter this early, but I have been feeling nausausated morning noon and night I think the heat is contributing. Also I woke up this morning and my tummy has popped. At the end of May I had went to the thrift store and purchased a bunch of comfy dresses that were not form fitting but I didnt look like I was wearing a tent either. Anyway this morning I went to put one of the dresses on nope wont be wearing that for awhile. Its to early, I guess I have no stomach muscles to hold it in. I had just lost almost 15 lbs when I got pregnant still had a way to go from baby 1! Anyway I am a bit down about the weight thing. I have to be careful this pregnancy. I also dont want to obsess over the weight. Anyway this is probaly more than you wanted to know. Thanks for letting me whine.
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