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CONNIE - I'm sure there are lots of things to think about. I'd call the State House and they can tell you where to go for Sales Tax forms, any payroll taxe forms, etc. Will you need Work.Comp.? Definately yes on liability insur. You will need a retail license too. I bet Anna could give you a lot of advice.

Everyone was talking Christmas the other day. I'm about 75% done. Have a few things for kids yet to get. I always do "goody" baskets. Fun treats or snacks and jar recipes and home canned jellies or jams, etc.. Everyone asks for them, so I guess they are a hit. It saves a lot of money, and heck everybody has to eat - right? This year baskets will be re-usable grocery bags that I got on clearance (like 50 cents a pc.)
Even the teens are now asking if they are "old enough" to get goody baskets. They get cheap school supplies, goodies, clearanced H&B, maybe a book, etc.
At least I know they will use, and not need to return.

Made a gal. of sweet tea, cleaned up dishes, and piddled around a little. It's getting pretty chilly in here. May turn on furn. for about 10 min. to warm up before bed. UGH!

Have a great one.