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CONNIE - Oh sweety CONGRATS!!!! I wish you all the best.

Glad to see many are doing better healthwise. And best wishes to those with new issues.

You miss a few days and there's a ton to catch up on! You have all been so frugal!

I have had a very busy week. Got newsletter done and mailed. Visited the "infirmed". All are doing very well. Have been cooking from home.
TODAYS FRUGAL - picked lettuce from the garden and peppers and green onions for salad tonight. Frying chicken as we speak. Vacuumed and cleaned all woodwork and handrails. UNFRUGAL - had to go pay health and home insurance. GEESH! Nephew came by for a nice visit. Haven't seen him in ages. He was telling me I should write a book on being frugal. I told him he should write one on wheeling and dealing! He's something.
No money other than insurance spent in 3 days.
It's starting to drizzle. Highs in 60's and lows in 40's.
Hope you all have a lovely evening. Will check back later.
God Bless!!!