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I don't know if this is the MOST frugal thing I do but it's one of the most fun. I do not buy magazines. I just refuse to pay 5 and 6 dollars for a few pages and ADS. But, I LOVE magazines. comes the frugal part. The library, about every 3 months, puts all their magazines on a rack to sell...10cents a piece or 12 for a dollar. I buy almost all of them. I get the home magazines for myself....."wired" magazine for magazines or ds2 (who LOVES sports cars)..and hunting and mens' magazines for dh (he also likes "wired", so sometimes they have to share that one). Everyone feels that they're getting a special, personal treat when I bring these home and divvy them up. Last time I got 13 magazines..a big whopping $1.10. (I also don't feel bad about throwing them away or donating them later because they weren't so expensive....less clutter).

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