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Thanks ladies!
I dont know I guess I like the element of surprise but I just have no desire to know what it will be. As for names who knows I am glad we have awhile to decide. For a girl we are tossing around, Olivia,Megan,Emily and Abigail. Not a clue for a boy, I like Ian however my ds name is Evan might sound silly. The middle name will be Newton for a boy or a girl which is an old family name and for some reason we just like it. Which is why Olivia may not make the cut Olivia Newton then again kids their age probaly wont have a clue on who Olivia Newton John is then again Grease is a timeless movie.
I dont think the heat will be a problem for me in the summer as I am so newly pregnant, depending on the weather in the end of August or September but it shouldnt be so bad. At least thats what I am hoping. Although I do remember always being warm with Evan never really wore a winter coat with him...
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