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Hi ajrsmom,

I know what you mean, about trying to get started on trips and etc., early in the morning.

Now, my solution to this issue is not pancakes and sausage on a stick...but, pretty darn close. ;-)

With kids...sticks are an issue, in my opinion...but, I make these wonderful biscuits, sausage/bacon, egg and cheese sandwiches, that are so simple and easy to make ahead.

I use the Pillsbury Grands Butter-Tasting Biscuits or your local store's generic brand...but...they MUST be the BIG biscuits, ok?

Open the can, take out the biscuits, putting them on your pastry mat or board, add just a little flour on the board/surface, lightly dredge biscuit in flour, roll out with a rolling pin, dust off any excess flour and put on a plate, to stack. Finish all of the biscuits, that you will need, each can will make 4 sandwiches.

Then spray a griddle or large frying pan with Pam or whatever you use, heat griddle/pan, them put biscuits in pan. Cook like you would a pancake, they will brown and *puff*, then turn over, to cook other side.

Now you have large, flattened cooked *pancake* biscuits. Just a note: these will freeze very well, in plastic bags, I use the gallon size. That way, you can make up many, at one time, plus they are ready when you need them.

Now, I simply make them into sandwiches. I will fry either sausage or bacon, draining well, eggs and then add cheese or not. I really depends on what, those who are going to eat them, like as a preference.

After making them, I simply wrap them in paper towels, then in plastic wrap. That way, it is easier to heat and eat, on the *run*. By wrapping in paper towels, they can be used for cleaning faces and hands.

Not sure, if, this is any help...but, it has certainly made my life easier, when we want to get away, in a hurry!
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