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So glad you got out and got a few things done. I think being outside and sprucing up your yard, digging in the dirt etc. is so good for the body and soul! I usually overdo while I am out there too.I have been working outside for 2 days now and I really enjoy it all! It has been hot too and it actually felt good to sweat! I am usually so cold. Now if I could just get that excited about cleaning the house..a have a couple of clutter areas, full of postcard stuff, magazines, mail to go out...etc. By the time I come in I am pooped!

How wonderful that you are able to get sod grass...I bet it looks wonderful...we work on our lawn all the is alot better than when we bought it but nothing like lawns in the city. We have alot of sand here, rocks and 2 dogs that love to dig holes! lol

Take care Mellie! Good to hear about your good day!

Love, Janet
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