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I have custody of my 2 GKs. The oldest started 1st grade on Monday and after making threats at the administration building, DGS started preschool yesterday. The oldest is struggling because her parents were lax in sending her to school consistently last year and she never had a proper diet. We have a LOT of work to do.

DGS is a totally different story. He is in another school, clear across town. I have to have DGD in her school 20 minutes early so he can be to class on time. He started a preschool daycare in early July and learned to write his name already!!! His teachers said he already knows his alphabet song! She said he seems to take to school like he's been going for a long time. This is unusual for males, especially if they aren't used to it. Plus, his school goes from 7:50am until 4pm and it is a year round school. He LOVES it.

It has been very challenging and I hope I can get through it. I am trying to finish my own school too.

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