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I am bumping up this topic as it is that time of year again - back to school for high schoolers and those heading off to college.

My ds2 is going to be a high school freshman this year. Our high school has a great program through UNH (University of New Hampshire) where the university helps the students who plan to go to college figure out what classes they need to take in order to up their chances of getting accepted and what activities they should get involved in. They start with freshmen and work with them all 4 years of high school. My ds2 wants to do this program. One thing the college advisor tole me is, if the school the student wants to go to recommends taking two years of a language, take 3-4 years instead. And for activities, they would rather see a student who has stuck with 2-3 sports or activities for several years over a student involved in a ton of activities but only for a year or so for each activity. Does anyone else's high school offer anything else like this program? And how do you get your high schooler to keep track of everything he needs to do before it is time to start the college application process?
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