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Need to loose weight

I have been to the GP's yet again as she wants to keep an eye on things and out of the blue she came out with " I think you have put weight on,cn I weigh you?" I was mortified deep down, but let her weigh me. She was right I had put weight on . I don't show that my weight bothers me, but it does. I am well over obese and I know my eating habits aren't very good.
She did say that she can get help for me, but where I am I don'tfeel comfortable with it, but it has kick started me into trying to eat healthier than I did.

It isn't the amount I eat (as I eat very little) so it must be what I eat and the lack of excerise but I have very little confidence.

Today I have eaten 2 apples and had 2 cups of coffee and a glass of water, (it is 2.40pm) and this is typical for me,

So from here on I am on a diet and plan to try to excersise more within the house
I will be visiting the healthy eating section for ideas and hopefullywith support here I can do it.

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