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To all you Stay at Home Moms out there. I joined a local "Moms Club" they are in all states BUT beware they have a manual FULL of silly rules that the club, board and memebrs must follow. It is a great group to meet other Moms but when we join we do not know that we can only go out once a month at night together, kids are allowed to everything (even nights out), couples nights are only once a month and same with family activites. All activites except 2 are held during the day. if you want to go bowling or to the park with the kids and your new friends but at 7:00pm they will not be able to put it on the calendar. They also take yealy dues and this money can not be spent on members or for parties (only 15% because the Mom who started it said so!) we had over $500 in dues and most can only be used for making copies, postage, meeting room rental (but we get ours donated)anyhow just be careful what you join. If I were you I would start your own group. Just put up some flyers at the library and run an ad in your local paper. If you tell them you are a non profit support group they will run it for free. In your ad say your group is for stay at home moms, looking to meet weekly for play dates at local parks, zoos, resturants, libraries & members homes. You can probably meet monthly in a room at your library for free and set up your activites.
So all you new Moms out there becareful some of these groups are very starnge in rules!!!!!!!!
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