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Wow It must cost you ll a fortune over there

My youngest 2 (infants and juniors)
They just need there school uniforms and a book bag
The uniforms are 5 for 2 pairs trousers (5.83 usd)
2 for 2 polo shirts (2.33 usd)
7 for a jumper (with school logo on) (8.17 usd)
2 for PE shorts (2.33 usd)
1.50 for PE t-shirt (1.75usd)
3.50 for bookbag with school logo) (4.08 usd)

My Daughter going into secondary

Trousers/skirt 9 for 2 pair tailored trousers (10.50 usd)
Polo shirt (school logo) 7 each (8.17 usd)
Jumper (school logo) 14 each (16.34 usd)
PE shorts (school logo) 6 each (7.00 usd)
PE top (school logo) 4 each (4.66 usd)
PE Joggers (school logo) 10 each (11.67 ussd)

Then she needs a large bag
Pens/pencils/sharpener/pencil case/calculator/pertractor/compass
lever arch file
lined and plain paper

All these can bought from any stationary shop

While reading through everyone elses can I ask what is
Assignment tablets and gum gear please?

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