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Tami, for 2 kids I just paid $88 for gym clothes....that included t-shirt, shorts, sweat shirt and sweat pants. They wear whatever items are weather-appropriate all day to school on gym days.

I went and got all the stuff for my kids today that I didn't already have in the house, taking advantage of sales. If it weren't for the larger notebooks (3- or 5-subject) it wouldn't cost too much at all. Those big notebooks are expensive, and I know they get wasted.

Big DS has 2 morning classes, then lunch, then 2 afternoon classes. So he asks me to buy him 2 5-subject notebooks. He uses one for morning and one for afternoon.

What cracks me up is that kids all the way up to 8th grade need hand sanitizer, tissues, paper towels, lysol wipes. Then they hit high school and need nothing but notebooks, pens and pencils. Hmmm. High school students don't get runny noses?
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