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Originally Posted by barbszy
Tami, I just noticed that they are brand-specific on the pencils. I have been getting that way myself. "Store brand" pencils are no bargain. They break WAY faster than the Ticonderoga ones, so you wind up using more pencils. This year I am not buying any other brand pencils. IMO, Ticonderogas are well worth the extra cost.
I didn't realize that with the pencils. That must be why they are asking for brand specific pencils this year.

Ok, since you've told me that, I will look for those and not buck the system. lol!

I must have donated 15 dozen pencils and eraser caps to my son's 5th grade class last year. I swear that they were eating them!!

There was a big article in our local paper today saying that students don't HAVE to bring all of the supplies on those lists in order to receive an education. I'm guessing that some parents are complaining because of the longs lists this year.

I don't mind donating things to their classrooms because I know that there are some kids who will show up without anything. Also, I don't think that the teachers should have to supply everything with their own money. I do like the idea of collecting money from everyone and handing out the same supplies to everyone--that way there are no hurt feelings - and it's makes it much easier on the parents!

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