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Here is my son's list for second grade:

[SIZE=x-small] - 2 folders [/SIZE] #2 pencils (minimum of 3) -eraser -2 red pencils -12 inch ruler -crayons or colored pencils (no markers) -scissors -glue stick -highlighter -one zippper pencil case *Cursive theme tablet ($2.00) *3 cursive copybooks ($1.50 each) *These items wil be sold during the first week of school. The total cost is $6.50. [SIZE=x-small]
If possible, please donate two boxes of tissues and two containers of disinfecting wipes.

Here is my daughter's list for eighth grade:

[SIZE=x-small] 1 5 subject notebook (language arts)
1 2 subject notebook (Math)
1 3 subject notebook (Religion, Social Studies, Spanish)
1 1 subject notebook (Science)
6 2 pocket folders
1 12 inch ruler with inch and centimeter markings
6 - #2 sharpened pencils
3 black or blue pens (no felt tips)
2 red pens
3 highlighters (any color)
Theme paper
1 box of 24 crayons or 1 box of colored pencils
Washable markers
Glue stick
1 zippered pouch for all art supplies and 1 pencil case

*Assignment tablet will be purchased by students in school in September.

The following supplies can be brought in during the first two weeks of school.
3 boxes of tissues
3 containers of Clorox wipes
1 roll of paper towels
Hand sanitizer

This is the kind of list I have always been used to. However, my children do not attend public school, so we are accustomed to providing more supplies than the public-school children in town must provide.

When Luke was in kindergarten and first grade, the teachers would buy all the supplies so everyone had the same. It was a flat fee (under $10) per student for all supplies needed to start the year. That was great--no chasing around to get stuff!
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