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Our district is the pits. They are so concerned about being "blue ribbon" that they will do anything to up scores and move a kid on, whether or not it is in the child's best interest. The former middle school principal is an s.o.b. who now works for the superintendent....This guy was so cruel to my son that the boy, now 20, still suffers from the emotional abuse. My daughter will NEVER attend this school district. It will be home schooling all the way. It has gotten worse since the "no child left behind" crew got in power in Washington. All of the revenue from the gambling casinos was supposed to go into the state education fund. HA!!! Big joke, big lie, big mob b.s.

Can you tell that I despise our district? If we lived where I went to school it would be a different matter. Not here. Not ever. Over my dead body.
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