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Favorite thing your hubby does for you

My hubby has done and still does so many things for me and I love him for them all, but I think my favorite thing he started when we were dating. He knew I loved wild Honeysuckle flowers and when they were blooming and we would take a ride somewhere he would always pull the car over along the side of the road and pick me a big bouquet of them to take home with me. They always smelled so sweet. My very favorite thing he did was a few years ago. I was washing dishes and he came in from outside and put his arms around me and held up a red rose from one of my bushes and said a beautiful rose for my beautiful wife. After 48 yrs. of marriage things are not as romantic as they used to be but he still does so many sweet things for me and tries his best to get me any thing I want or need. I definately got a keeper. I feel so blest to have him.

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