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Sammi, that looks really bizarre. So it looks like he has 5 subjects per day, plus whatever "Freshman Transition" is? Plus study hall and lunch. No PE?

Looking at that, it's nice that Algebra has extra class time. But the whole school must not have that long period at the same time.

I'd hate to be the guy who comes up with that schedule.

Big DS has 4 class periods a day, plus "Flex" in which students eat lunch and attend activity meetings (if they want to attend meetings). 2 classes before Flex, 1 hour and 15 minutes each, and 2 classes after. No homeroom period, no study hall. The students get in 8 major subjects per year this way. They take 4 classes in the fall semester, then a final exam in January and spend the spring semester with their other 4 classes. I believe this year his schedule will include (I don't remember the order)
Honors English 4
AP Literature
20th Century Literature & Culture
Honors Physics
Honors American Law
Religion 4
Honors Probability & Statistics

Looks like a lot of homework will be in his future.
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