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Nowadays, some kids just don't want to respect themselves or their families.
My mom has been thinking of trying to take my youngest nephew from my B and SIL too.

They had him after their youngest was 16 yrs. old. Don't figure after they didn't take care of the 4 older ones.

Adam will be 4 years old in Nov. And SIL hasn't even got him potty trained or signed up for preschool. Says she found out she's bipolar after she had Adam. She doesn't even feed him. The oldest son has taught him how to make a hotdog in the microwave so he can eat them, when he's not at home to feed him. The oldest nephew is 24 and has Maul seizures and not suppose to be driving. Him and his other brother are the ones my mom sort of raised when they were in middle and high school. They have 2 sisters. Their dad is serving jail time and trying to keep a roof over their heads. He was driving without a license and no car ins. And the 24 year old has to drive to go pick my brother up and take him to work each night and it just a big mess.

DSIL doesn't even clean the apt. up, just sits on her butt and plays video games and takes meds. She doesn't even do the laundry herself. Their youngest DD has moved kind of back home too. But, she runs the streets with her unemployed BF.

I'm glad you can help your GK's. And Good Luck with your classes this Fall.


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