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Here is an example of what my ds2's schedule will be like for a day in high school:


French 7:40 - 8:24
Freshman Transition 8:27 - 9:11
English I 9:14 - 9:58
Connect 10 10:01 - 10:11
Honors World History 10:14 - 10:58
Algebra I 11:01 - 12:18
Lunch 12:18 - 1:02
Honors Earth & Physical Science 1:05 - 1:49
Study Hall 1:52 - 2:36
ELO/Tutor 2:36 - 2:46 (not sure what this is)

Do you see why I find this confusing? This will be his schedule for M, T, Th and F
On Wednesday from 7:40 - 8:06 students will attend varying activities from career interest to future planning. and from 8:09 - 8:24 students will attend Connect 20 to work with teachers in small groups.
The whole thing sounds confusing and there doesn't seem to be enough class time for the classes for the students to learn!!! This is a new thing the high school is trying. And look at the class times - they are so odd! It is going to be very interesting to see how this works out. And the dks only have 3 minutes between classes to get from one class to another. What if one class is at one end of the building and your next class is on the far end or even on another floor?
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