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VicRae, I will probably have them the rest of their lives. They came here June 10th and the parents have until August 10th--or sooner, to get their acts together. They were told to get a place to live, find transportation, DD has to get a job, SIL has to get a second job or better job, and they are to get Medicaid for the children. Since I've had them, DD hasn't even tried to get a job, SIL was fired, yet again, for stealing, they was told by SIL's mother to find another place to live and they are now living with the lady where they get most of their drugs, and they still have not gotten Medicaid for the children. Since things have gotten worse instead of better, I am sure the state is going to put more demands on the parents, such as taking parenting classes and going to drug rehab center. I am not sure how it will all do down, but I will either be getting custody in December or the state will seek custody in August and eventually revoke parental rights if the parents continue to not comply with the bare minimal required to get their kids back. I foresee that the state is not going to be happy that mommy is not even trying to get her kids back at all. The daddy is walking the 6 or so miles to town (one-way) each day to look for jobs. He hasn't found one as most places do not want to hire a man who has a history of stealing.
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