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Just because children do not always repeat and /or act as adults think they should at the age they would be amazed at what they retain. I know this because at age 41 I had a very eye opening experience while visiting family - a role model when I was a child. This person use to say one thing but do the complete opposite... it is an unfortunate and subconscious habit I have picked up - one that helps me to understand why I have made certain choices in my life. Like me (all those years ago), your GK's are absorbing EVERYTHING (not yelling) that is being Modeled to them... what you say and how you say it now could be the turning point in the development of your GK's - both now and later when they are adults...even subconscious levels pick up the darndest things. Try not to underestimate the mental abilities of your GK's, their current development was brought on by what ever lifestyle they have had since their conseption... I know you will be able to get through to them that your job is to assist in their positive development while their parents learn to be better people for the family as well as for their own needs. I don't know what type of lifestyle your SIL had before he met your DD, but she obviously thought she could save him and was inadvertently sucked in to his modeled development from what ever trama she (felt / thought) went through. Another example of modeling outcomes, one of my DS's spent her early adult /parent life similar to your DD's, where as I have not... So I don't blame the parents alone for the development (or lack there of) in children and their abilities to deal with life's hardships, it truely is a community affair (gangs, violence, kids clubs, before/after school care, etc).
Good luck, and God Bless you all.
If you see someone in need of help and you can do something, then do something — that goes for people and animals. If you can help out, try. That’s what I hope people take away from this.” -Alex Scroggins
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