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It is so difficult to know what the DGS understands. His receptive (what he understands) and expressive (what he can say) language is so delayed that it falls in the 1 percentile rank. He has made strides in his language and he is scheduled to take another speech test on August 3rd.

I got to thinking that I know a professor who is in the counseling department is a child psychologist. She told me a while back that if I have any questions or need to talk to come see her. I am going to do that this afternoon. I am sure that she is a wealth of information concerning this situation. I haven't thought of the Al-Anon idea. I wish there were more support groups for people in my situation. I know that there aren't because of where I serve my practicum we have the list of all support groups to give to clients.

I guess I will need a game plan for when all this goes down.

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