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What Did You Recycle Today 2009

As some of you may know I make homemade goat milk soaps. One of my key ingredients is vegetable shortening made from soy and cottonseed oils. I have a large contract where I make 500 bars of soap about every 8 weeks and I use alot of shortening containers and was throwing them away. My little friend Maddy who is studying hard on being more eco friendly was over the other day learning to make soap and frowned when I threw the containers in the trash. She said "Anna you could be recycling those" and feeling guilty, I agreed. So today I cleaned out 6 containers (retrieving some from my trash can) got all the extra shortening stuck to the inside by cleaning with recycled newspapers) then washed with soap and water.

I punched holes in the bottom of the container with a paring knife (for safety sake I really should have used a phillips screw driver). I had a large pot of mystery plants in the backyard garden... we threw seeds in the pot and forgot to label. Anyways we had a huge amount of sprouts come up but none were flowering because too many were in the same pot I think? So I carefully loosened 5 from the pot, transplanted them into the vegetable shortening containers after adding dirt and they now have a new home in my front flower bed where I can keep a eye on them growing. We think they are either a hot pepper such as jelapenos or habaneros or sweet peppers??

Also after washing dishes this morning in a dish pan, I rinsed the pan out and rinsed my dishes over the dish pan.. I saved 4 gallons of water that I then put in milk containers and used some of that water today to water the new transplanted plants.

Hopefully here is a photo of the new transplanted plants.

If I had the time and tools available, I could have spray painted the containers a pretty color but function was the key today to getting this plants transplanted and saved.

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