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Oh DeBora,
It is such a hard situation for you, but your grandchildren are so lucky to have you

It is important to tell them as much as you can (even the small one as they understand more than WE as adult think )

Maybe tell them that mum and dad are upset/poorly and they need a little time to get well and that they will be looked after by yourself and that they can talk to you about anything they need to, because there will be a lot of questions and that the cuddles were there also when ever they need them

I had my sisters 3 children when she was abusing alcohol.

I don't know if you have any similar et up over there but we have a couple of systems that can help one being parent link workers who work with families of children under 6, they can advise on all this sort of preparations. Also we have an children's services for the under 8's they produce information books (available from libraries) on things like talking to children about all types of situations from potty training, divorce, go to live in care etc. May be you can see if someone can come in and talk you through some of the services available.
(sorry if it is all different there and non of that made sense)

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