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Relizse my post that I posted yesterday disappear, so will start another one.

Theresa I agree with the rest of these ladies, it was very rude of them to treated you that way.

I went my 15th yr reunion and was so glad I did. With my low self esteem I discover that it was I that was hiding and not allowing myself
to join in with the others. It was a wide awaking for me and it really helped me to grow from finding this out.. they were glad to
see me and I really had a great time.
I had left my driver License at home, for it ws my 15th class reunion and I never thought I would get carded, they did!
One of the guys went up to the bar before John got there to get me a drink. so the next drink John bought for me..
don't think they will card me this time around
which will be Oct 10th..
it will be our 40th ??? yrs... wow, did I say that.
Yea because my dd will be 32 on her bday.. boy I'm getting up there in age.. LOL or these kids are growing up faster these days.

i'm looking forward to this one too.
there been a few that I've missed due to other obligations. In fact we were planning on going to John's reunion this yr but.....
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