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My tenth reunion was just like high school. They were all stuck up snobs. And I planned the stupid reunion! lol We haven't had one since. I live in the town we graduated from, one gal lives 15 miles away and a guy lives 35 miles away. I guess there have been complaints about not having more reunions but no one will contact the ones who live here. Shows how stuck up everyone still is.

Dh reunions were a blast until one gal decided she had to plan everything. Everyone got along so well and had such a good time they had reunions every five years. This gal has simply ruined everyone's great time. No one will say one word to her either. Don't need that crap so we haven't gone back. What started her attitude was needing a place to have the picnic. We offered our house which is three blocks from main street. The reunions are the same weekend as the town celebration. This gal threw a fit about having a picnic at our home. We won't attend anymore.
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