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Theresa, that is a terrible thing to tell you that you couldn't come to your reunion because you were divorced.

I have not gone to any of mine. Not even when I lived only 10 miles away. There were clicky people in my class which I hate.
And some who thought they were better than others.
My opinion has always been, you are not better than someone else and I am not better than anyone else.
My 50th is this fall and I'm not going to that one either. As usual it is the whole weekend.
I don't feel that I missed out on anything.
There really is no one I would care to visit with.
They have always found me too. This time they found me by contacting my son. I don't know how they found him. He doesn't know either. He got a phone call from someone on the reunion committee and he told her my address and married name. The more I think about it though, this gal lived in the same village as I did at one time and knew my ex-brother-in-law. She may have called him.

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