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talk about personalitys

we have 13 cats between the inside and barn cats, and each have their own personality, ours are all very conversational, they let u know exactly what they want and when, the two twins bella marie an gizmo want something they will follow u around moaning and jumping in ur lap, the blue point, he is just plain spoiled, he is the leader and he will let u know what, where and when,and u better jump to it, the other 2 raised from 2 days old on a bottle, they will jump on ur back, fly into ur paper or book, or just sprawl on u, and they all follow us around and with the chickens who do the same thing when i am outside i look like the pied pipper, then we have the cutest one jasper he is paralized from the middle of his back down, but he doesnt let it ge him down, we used 2 keep a diaper on him and put him to bed at night, then he could scoot out the door and be down the steps and in the yard befor u could sneez,so now we keep the food and water at his level and he stays outside, fit as a fiddle and happy as a clam, now thatit is warm weather they all just go in and out when they want, so most ever windosill has a cat lazing in it, we live in a house built in 1889, so there are a lot of windows, well id like to tell u more tails of these bratos but now they all want fed. [email protected] i must say we have the most spoiled and vocal cats i have ever seen, and they have no problem letting anyone know exactly what they want, all of our visiters just rofl,i wish i could show uall pictures but i dont know how to post them, uall have a great, usin down here in cat town send uall blessings, kat ps. if u would like to see pic email me and ill send them
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