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Sea Silver

I take Sea Silver everyday and so do my children, my parents and my sister. It is wonderful stuff!! We all swear by it. My two daughters, ages 5 and 2, used to get sick all the time. My oldest is in school and used to catch a cold every month. She had a continuous cough. It never went away. She's had pneumonia four times in 1 year, bronchitis, etc. She'd be out of school at least a couple of days to a week each month. This went on for the last 2 years. No exaggeration. She has literally been sick for the last 2 years, constantly with a cold. My youngest daughter would catch the cold from her sister, then I would get sick, then my parents who watches the little one. It was a huge chain reaction that went around and around every month. Since we've been taking it, Jan. 2003, no one has gotten sick and she has not missed a day of school and I haven't missed work. Her cough is gone and she is healthy as we all are. Even when other kids at school are noticeably sick, and parents let them come to school, she doesn't catch their colds. I am not exaggerating when I say that my daughter caught a cold every month and missed school. The school receptionist even noticed that we were not calling in anymore to report her absence. I am not exaggerating when I say that she has not gotten sick since taking Sea Silver. And once when I did stop giving it to them, thinking to give them a break, the oldest got sick then the youngest. The other night, I felt like I was getting a cold, sore throat and burning sinuses, I drank some Sea Silver and the next morning I was completely symptom-free. I can't say enough about it.
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