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We were suppose to get rain Monday and Tuesday but actually got rain neither day. Jerry said it rained hard in Kennesaw on Monday, I wish we would have gotten some of that to cool things off a bit. It really seems hot this summer.
Our pool has been closed since Monday morning early because the water is messed up and they are treating it. Lacy is really disappointed, thought they might open it this morning but it is still closed.
Not a lot going on around here. Saturday we are going to the local rec center, they are having another night with the big blow up like screen outdoors and doing a free movie. We always like to get there early, take chicken or sandwiches or even pizza and eat that as we watch everyone walking around doing whatever, then as the movie comes on we get funnel cakes and have our desert and a movie.
My dad is still in the hospital so Lacy and I may be going to Texas soon.
To bad about the modem Robin, it's always something with computers but you just have to have them nowadays, it's like our connection with the outside world and all our friends. That and the knowledge at your fingertips thing.
Ya'll all have a really nice day.
Due to budget cuts, the light at the end of the tunnel has been turned off.
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