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shocking Just found out I'm pregnant!


I am from Alabama and this is my very first time at the family corner site! Very interesting! I just found out that I am 3 weeks pregnant with my 3rd child.
[IMG]images/icons/eek2.gif[/IMG] I haven't told anyone because my fiance is in Afghanistan until June 29th! I really want to tell him on the phone tomorrow (since it is father's day- his first child) but kinda wanted to wait until I picked him up from the airport to tell him.

I am just really not sure what I want to do! I don't think I can wait to tell my family and friends until June 29th! Does anyone have any suggestions? Should I tell him tomorrow on Father's Day or wait to tell him in person on the 29th of June. If I tell him at the airport, wanted to have a gift bag with something for him to open to show him instead of me just telling him..... help me someone... need some thoughts!

Hope everyone has a good night!
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