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Bernice my son has an LD also. He is 17 going on 18. In our school district we have a person who is hired thru the district to help parents understand what Their childs IEP is for and maybe if your district has a person like that they could help you find the resources you are needing.

My son can take in the information needed for learning. But, has a hard time processing and organizing his thoughts to explain on paper his answers for the assignments. Some of this is due to not being taught the phonics needed to be able to read words and then understand the meanings. In elementary school they stuck him on making the sound of the letter " S " for 3 years in a row. When I found out I was so mad. I then took him to a speech therapist at our local hospital during the summer. During middle school he had an IEP for speech and Reading & English. Now, he has had a reading class for the last 2 years in high school and does ask for help when he needs it. He doesn't hesitate to ask for help in reading words at home any more either.

If you can get him to write in a journal during the summer it could help with his concentration for next year. Also, if your local library has a summer reading program where he could earn prizes and he's interested in participating. Get him envolved. If he's not interested don't force him to do it. It will put more stress on you and him both. My advise is to just keep checking with his teachers during the year and make sure he's keeping on top of his assignments.

Good Luck and bless you for wanting to be involved in his learning. A lot of times the hands on learning method helps too.


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