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About a month or so ago we had a teachers strike, ds2 loved the day off school.

Because our state in the last year has had many natural disasters this last 8-12mths to cover the costs for fixing the huge flooded areas, the cyclone the year before (to which we were still costing) and then we had more storms, a shipping container loose it's load of oil for most of our coast line (clean up was huge along the coastline and affected tourism) then more recent floods ( I was ready to build my ark with all the rain LOL) taxes are going up, the water rates are going up, the house loan interest rate is going up and they are trying to take some of the perks away from the teachers and cut some rates of pay from other jobs (not going down well and I'm glad I own my home) There is also talk of selling off part of our rail ownership, our telco and electricity ... that stuff usually goes overseas (not happy) to pay for the disaster cleanups

According to the federal govt we have narrowly avoided the big global recession by the skin of our teeth but things are still tight ..... doesn't stop the politicians and the CEO's of huge corporations giving a pay rise to themselves.
I'm sure these things go on all over the world is unfair but there are very poor countries out there that are doing it very tough.

Oh and we've just lost our petrol subsidy and it's up to $1.20's per litre again ..... apart from that all is going swimmingly LOL

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