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Anyone else dealing with teacher layoffs?

Yesterday was the last day of school for both of my kids. I spent the last 30 minutes of the year with my dd's kindergarten class. Everyone was happy and dancing around. Her teacher and her asst. teacher hugged everyone and told them how proud of them they were and that they better stop in to see them next year.

I asked her teacher if she thought that she would get to keep her new classroom next year. She said yes, that she thought that she would remain in the same room and that she was so happy about that. This was at 1:30 and the school was emptying out.

By 3:00 her teacher had found out that she was being laid off - part of 667 teachers in our county that are getting the boot. Come to find out, this school is laying off 13 teachers.

Our county wants to raise the number of kids per class to at least 25 for kindergarten and up to 32 per class in 4 & 5th grade.

My heart is breaking for her. She is an absolutely wonderful teacher.

I cannot understand how this county can use tax money to fix roads and to "revitalize" the area instead of focusing on our children's educations. I've spent enough time in the classrooms for the last 3 years to know that the teachers work their butts off with the very little they are given to work with.

My son had 24 kids in his class this year-- I cannot imagine a classroom with 32 kids in it. The teachers are no longer allowed to discipline the kids so when you have 1 or more students disrupting the class, it's chaos.

I'm so upset over this that I'm finding it hard to focus today. The county has released a message saying that there is a chance that a few of the teachers (out of 667) might be rehired to teach in other areas, not necessarily the grade or area that they have been in.

Is anyone else dealing with teacher layoffs? If so, are you getting involved in any way within in the community to try to stop it?

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