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They brought the date forward and it was today, this meant I had to go alone, and arrange for my dad to pick the children up from school as I would be later back.

I didn't do a good job at it though and left me feeling very silly.
I researched the appealed school and also the given school and wrote own all I wanted to say and ask.

I got there and knew exactly what I needed and wanted to do, got called into the committee room and had an major panic attack. I managed to calm myself a little to start the consultation and listened to their reasons why she wan't given the school of choice, but it came to my turn and the panic attack hit again, but this time I could breathe and totally lost it and passed out, so we had to abandon it.

I feel o silly and so fed up with it, I had an idea a panic attack my come on, but really tried to control it, I do have big issues with this a part and parcel of my depression.

I feel like I have totally let her down.

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