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I am more of a dog lover then cat lover but I like cats also. We have had several over the years. My husband recently wanted to get a mouser for out side but she likes it in better. She goes out in the day time if it isn't raining and when she goes out she let's us know when she wants back in. She will come to the door and meow. Some days she stays out all day other times she only stays out a few hours. She is more my cat then my hubby's. I take care of her and she won't come to him at all. She likes to sleep and play but not with toys, she wants me to play with her. She loves attention but doesn't like held. She likes her belly rubbed and the top of her head. She likes to rub against my legs and rub her head against mine. She plays a bit rough some times and bites, then I quit playing with her. We just got her about 3 months ago. She is about 9 months old. She is gray with yellow mixed through, tan feet and tan on her chest and under her neck. I named her Lacy and I do love her but our 1 dog hates her so we have to keep her in 1 room with a baby gate across the doorway when she is in. I wish I coud let her in with the family but she is scared to death of him and I don't like her feeling threatened.
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